About Us

Who Are We?

The firm, ‘Competition Mirror’ has been founded in January in year 2020. We envisage and work accordingly to be the leading service provider in the competitive exams and academic knowledge based web, digital and print content industry.

Though, we provide various Internet, digital and mobile value-added educational and informational services but our specialization is in Competitive Exams, Academic Knowledge, Educational Notes, Current Affairs, Articles, Essays, Multiple-Choice-Questions (MCQs) and other useful educational information that we provide through online, digital and offline media like Web, Print, Electronic Medium, Book Publishing etc.

How We Started?

In the internet world of free information, we encounter challenges of information overload, substandard information, clutter, confusion, verbiage and trash with devastating consequences for readers whose goals remains unmet. Six of us, all veterans of the media world got together to brainstorm the issue to come to the best solution.

We did not rest till we found a solution. The solution is not just the accurate and quick learning material but an array of tested and verified tools that promote learning and retention. A piece of information is just that, a piece of information with little utility in the absence of contextualization.

We decided that each piece of information must be curetted and value added to turn it into a piece of gold. In other words, each fact of information must be backed by context and relevance to make sense. In addition, the facts driven by context when presented succinctly, cogently, sequentially and logically facilitate retention and learning.

Several meetings and brain storming sessions over months later, we came up with the final product that is before you and the world to see.

Our Address and Contact Details

We are based in Delhi-NCR Region, especially in Noida. Noida is a part of Gautam Budh Nagar distirict of Uttar Pradesh.


V-116, First Floor, Sector 12, Noida, Uttar Pradesh (India), PIN - 201301






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