Iran-US Conflict: Entire Gulf Region may be at Risk

Updated: 2020-01-05

The killing of a top Iranian military commander, Major General Qasem Soleimani, by the US forces is breathtaking and forebodes the escalation of the US-Iran confrontation. As Washington and Tehran move from a proxy conflict to open confrontation, the entire Middle East is in danger of being consumed. Gen Soleimani was no ordinary soldier.

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India’s exit from Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and future of free trade agreements

India's Exit from RCEP and Future of Free Trade Agreements

Updated: 2019-12-06

 India’s experience with FTAs has been far from encouraging, with many countries, trade balance remaining unchanged. As far as interests of Indian farmers and industries are concerned, there are genuine fear against FTAs. India does not stand to lose much without RCEP.

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