10 Things No Coaching Institutes Will Tell You

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Civil services coaching institutes 10 Things No Coaching Institutes Will Tell You

There is a difference between learning and transformation. Since the civil services exam tests your mental and scholastic abilities at a highly competitively level, most of us may need transformation rather than learning. Learning has a role in transformation but it is not all as there is more to it.

No coaching institute will help you transform. Lets us what the transformation entails.

Goal Driven Single Focused Attention

(I) No coaching institute will teach you the goal driven single focused attention. It is a part of transformation.

Managing Information Overload

(II) Coaching institutes will provide you an information overload. The information overload may clash with systematic and logical way of thinking. No coaching will teach you the systematic and logical way of thinking needed to produce the best answer and the best results.

Systematic and Logical Way of Thinking

(III) Systematic and logical way of thinking comes from transformation resulting from dropping the old and unproductive thinking pattern and replacing them with razor precise thinking, which is a kind of transformation. No coaching will teach how to drop the old pattern of thinking and substitute it with new pattern that is productive and conducive to success.

Time Management

(IV) Time management is considered to be quintessential quality needed for any exam preparation or completion of a project successfully. No coaching institute will teach you time management. Remember time management is not just about allocation of tasks in different slots. It’s also about efficiency and productivity.

Analytical Approach

(V) In civil services exam, you require analytical approach in Main exam. Analytical approach comes from taking into account bigger and smaller pictures along with their linkages and associations. No coaching institute will teach you that.

Delineating Important from Unimportant

(VI) There is so much to study in the civil services exam that years may exhaust without making a substantial progress. Coaching institutes will fill you with facts and more facts. They will not teach you to separate garbage from the facts.

How to use the Facts

(VII) If you look at a question paper of civil services exam, you might notice that the questions are secondary in context of facts but primary in context of what you do with those facts. If you just reproduce the facts, the answer will be poor. No coaching institute will teach you how to use the facts effectively as an arsenal to your answers.

Even the Relevant Facts May Not Help

(VIII) If you look at the questions in Prelims, you will note that they are fact based but not the kind of facts you may have found in the coaching institute notes. For instance, you may know the facts on GST but the question may link those facts with similar tax in other developed countries (which you may not have focused in your preparation). No coaching will teach you how to look at events or facts and find their linkages.

Reading the Question and Reading between the lines

(IX) Have you ever noticed that you read a question and began answering but when you read it again the question was not something you interpreted? This problem often arises when you are overloaded with undigested fact and tend to read something in a way you have prepared for. This is a natural psychological phenomenon. No coaching institute will teach you to read a question from the perspective of an open mind. It is important to comprehend the mindset of the examiner which no coaching institute will teach you.

How to Relax your Brain Muscles for Maximum Efficiency and Productivity

(X) No coaching institute has probably a sound understanding of human brain and the way it works. Even if they do have, they rarely apply it in the practical life or teach the same. It is said that the brain has infinite capacity but when does the brain work best? What does it mean to have a relaxed brain especially when you have made it work consistently? These are some of the issues no coaching institute addresses. For instance, when you learn a topic or chapter, what should you do to attain maximum retention? Listening to the lectures barely results in 10% retention, writing results in some more, and visual representation in still more. At what intervals should these strategies be used so that you are mentally relaxed to give your best? No coaching institute will teach you these things.

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