Yes, You can Crack Civil Services Exam Without Coaching!

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How to crack IAS exam without coaching IAS without coaching

How to crack IAS Exam Without coaching? This question is a statement not on your capability or skill but on the mushrooming growth of the coaching institutes.

There was a time when there were few coaching institutes. No one asked this question then. Today the all pervasive growth of coaching institutes naturally leads to the self doubt.

What Makes A Tendulkar Or A Dhoni A Great Player?

Let us ask, could Tendulkar or Dhoni develop their cricketing levels to excellence without a coach?

Whether or not these cricketers could become great with or without coaching may remain debatable but what is undoubtedly without a debate is the fact that they were passionate about the game of cricket. They lived and breathed cricket and devoted themselves entirely to cricket. They worked hard and they loved to work hard at their game. A coach might have probably speeded up their growth because their coaches were probably equally passionate about their success.

Not All Teacahers are Equally Passionate

Now the question is how many teachers are equally passionate? Coaching may help you or may even harm you. We will come to that later.

Ekalavya had no coach. He was a prodigy. Karna was also a great archer and a prodigy but his coach probably harmed him. Arjuna was a great archer and a prodigy. It is difficult to say who the greatest archer among the three was. However, Arjuna even if he was not as brilliant as Karna or Ekalavya was more successful because he found a great coach.

There Is A Difference Between Your Mentor And A Coaching Institute

There is a difference between a coach who is your guru and mentor and a coaching institute. If I give a straight answer, yes, coaching is necessary for success in the civil services exam, I would be wrong. The same goes for the answer that coaching is not necessary.

So, whether coaching can turn you into a successful civil services candidate is probably not the right question, not because coaching per se is bad but because in the coaching market there are all kinds of institute from poor to average to excellent and even within excellent coaching institutes, there are all kinds of teachers from average to excellent. A number of lucky permutations and combinations will ensure that you are tagged in with a teacher who is a constant source of inspiration for you.


Points To Remember

    • Ekalavya had no coach. He was a prodigy. Karna was also a great archer and a prodigy but his coach probably harmed him. 
    • There is a difference between a coach who is your guru and mentor and a coaching institute. 
    • Coaching institutes do not always prod and push you. 
    • Often teachers take interest only when the student shows interest

Coaching Helps Those Who Are Less Motivated

Ones Now among the students, there are I won’t say poor, average, and intelligent students but I would certainly maintain that there are highly motivated and less motivated students. No coaching can really help a less motivated student in comparison to a student who is passionate about this career goal.

However, there are many cases where less motivated students when constantly prodded, and pushed by their parents, and teachers eventually get into the civil services exam. If you read the interviews about the successful candidates in the civil services exam, you may not fail to note that the first credit for their success they attribute is their parents or family. Some of them may be lying but not all of them are certainly lying.

It needs to be noted that coaching institutes do not always prod and push you. The teachers come and take their routine classes. The tests are held routinely and the evaluation is done perfunctorily.  A less motivated student is less likely to thrive and raise their learning curve dramatically in this atmosphere. However, if a stroke of luck works for a less motivated student, it is quite likely that he/she encounters a teacher who constantly prods and propels this student.

Often teachers take interest only when the student shows interest, participates in the discussion and comes with academic or curricular queries. There are often the traits of motivated learners, but not always. There are those who are silently motivated. They have questions only when they have not found the solution in the source materials with them.

There Is No ''Yes' Or 'No' Answer

The crux of the solution to the query raised above is:

  1. There is no yes or no answer this question because the question is not focused. It is like asking whether hard work will ensure success? Yes, hard work ensures success but how hard must the hard work be? How many competitors are competing against you? And most important where you stand in respect of your competitors especially when a fair number of them are also working as hard or even harder in comparison to you.Similarly, whether you can crack civil services without a coaching depends on whether or not you can do self study, whether or not you are passionate about your goal and whether or not you can extract the benefits out of the coaching institute. When your output from a coaching institute is less in comparison to self-study, the coaching institute will certainly harm you.
  2. At times coaching may prove beneficial especially when you are not the type who can sit hours and hours in a disciplined way for days and months. In such cases, coaching will at least compel you to sit for five to six hours every day to gain from the learning. Coaching institutes can also help in a manner that it reinforces reading with listening. So, if you think coaching alone without a substantial addition of input from you side will do wonders, you are living in a fool’s paradise.
  3. In addition to coaching, self-study you need a constant source of motivation. This could be your family members or some teachers or even seniors who constantly guide you in the right direction.

Nevertheless, what is actually true is that for some students coaching can be highly beneficial while for some others coaching can be harmful. You have to evaluate your condition and circumstances. If you are the kind who is unorganized and needs their notes and study materials well organized, then coaching can be helpful for you, but if you are a prodigy who is disciplined, systematic, studious, then coaching may not be for you. 

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