GK Questions (Static GK GS): 25 Questions and Answers from History

First published on: 2019-12-08 History

Q. 1. In which year Mahmud Ghazni made the first invasion of India?

Answer: 1001 AD

Q. 2. Who was the first Indian ruler to face the invasion of Mahmud of Ghazni?

Answer: Jaipal

Q. 3. How many times did Mahmud Ghazni invade India?

Answer: 17 times

Q. 4. At what age did Mahmud Ghazni ascend the throne?

Answer: 27

Q. 5. When did Mahmud Ghazni invade Nagarkot?

Answer: 1008 AD

Q. 6. After defeating which kingdom, Mahmud Ghazni called it his first victory against idolatry?

Answer: Nagarkot Kingdom

Q. 7. Mahmud Ghazni sent the life-size bronze statue of the king of which state to Ghazni and placed it in the Rangbhoomi?

Answer: King Chakraswamin of Thaneshwar

Q. 8. Which was the most famous invasion of Mahmud Ghazni?

Answer: Somnath Attack

Q. 9. In which year Mahmud Ghazni attacked Somnath temple?

Answer: 1025 AD

Q. 10. After the plundering of Somnath temple, how much did Mahmud Ghazni take away as a booty?

Answer: 2 million dinars

Q. 11. In which year did Mahmud Ghazni make the last invasion of India?

Answer: 1027 AD

Q. 12. Against whom did Mahmud Ghazni make his last invasion?

Answer: Jat

Q. 13. In which year did Mahmud Ghazni die?

Answer: 1030 AD

Q. 14. Who gave patronage to the scholars like Al-Biruni, Utbi and Ferdowsi?

Answer: Mahmud Ghazni

Q. 15. What was the full name of Muhammad Ghori?

Answer: Shihab ad-Din

Q. 16. Muhammad Ghori was the ruler of which kingdom?

Answer: Ghurid Empire

Q. 17. When did Muhammad Ghori ascend the throne of the Ghurid Kingdom?

Answer: 1173 AD

Q. 18. In which year did Muhammad Ghori make the first invasion of India?

Answer: 1178 AD

Q. 19. Against which province did Muhammad Ghori make the first invasion of India?

Answer: Multan

Q. 20. Against whom did Muhammad Ghori make a second invasion of India?

Answer: Against Patan (Gujarat)

Q. 21. Who was the king of Patan (Gujarat) at the time of Muhammad Ghori's invasion?

Answer: Bhima II

Q. 22. Which Indian king defeated Muhammad Ghori for the first time?

Answer: Bhima II

Q. 23. When did the First Battle of Tarain take place?

Answer: 1191 AD

Q. 24. Between whom did the first battle of Tarain take place?

Answer: Prithviraj Chauhan and Muhammad Ghori

Q. 25. Who won the first battle of Tarain?

Answer: Prithviraj Chauhan

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