GK Questions (Static GK GS): 25 Questions and Answers from History

First published on: 2019-12-08 History

Q. 1: What is the total number of Vedas?

Answer: 4 (Four)

Q. 2: Who is credited with compiling the Vedas?

Answer: Maharshi Krishna Dvaipayana Vedvyas

Q. 3: The earliest mention of Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu is found in which scripture?

Answer: The Rig-Veda

Q. 4: What is the right sequence of all the Vedas in terms of period and linguistics?

Answer: 1. Rig-Veda, 2. Yajur-Veda, 3. Sama-Veda, 4. Atharva-Veda

Q.5: Indian classical music is believed to have originated from which scripture?

Answer: Sama-Veda

Q. 6: Which Veda is composed partly in prose and partly in verse styles?

Answer: Yajur-Veda

Q. 7: Subjects like witchcraft, tantra-mantra, hypnotism, curse etc. could be found in which Vedas?

Answer: Atharva-Veda

Q. 8: Vedic Yajna and its rituals are explained in which Veda?

Answer: Yajur -Veda

Q. 9: Who are identified as two daughters of the high Vedic god Prajapati?

Answer: Sabhas and Samitis

Q. 10: In which Veda is Sabhas and Samitis are identified as the two daughters of Prajapati?

Answer: Atharva Veda

Q. 11: Which scripture is the source of the ancient historical events of India?

Answer: Purana

Q. 12: Who is considered the author of Puranas?

Answer: Ved Vyasa

Q. 13: What is the total number of Puranas?

Answer: 18

Q. 14: Which is considered the oldest Purana?

Answer: Matsya Purana

Q. 15: Which is considered the most authentic Purana?

Answer: Matsya Purana

Q. 16: Which Purana also happens to be one of the literary sources of Mauryan history?

Answer: Vishnu Purana

Q. 17: Which Purana is one of the sources of information about Gupta period?

Answer: Vayu Purana

Q. 18: Q18. From which Purana do we get the information about the history of Andhra Satavahana period?

Answer: Matsya Purana

Q. 19: Which is the largest among all 18 Puranas?

Answer: Skanda Purana

Q. 20: Q20. Which is the oldest smritigrantha?

Answer: Manu Smriti

Q. 21: Among the smritigrantha, which one is the most authenticate?

Answer: Manusmriti

Q. 22: Which book describes the previous births of Gautama Buddha?

Answer: Jataka

Q. 23: The Holy Scripture of which religion is known as Agamas?

Answer: Jainism

Q. 24: From which book do we get the details of the works done by the Lord Mahavira during his lifetime?

Answer: Bhagavati Sutra

Q. 25: Which scripture contains information about early history of Jainism?

Answer: Kalpa Sutra

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